Introducing Astarons

Through a series of illustrated comic style sci-fi books, eight super-heroes take us on an enthralling journey through our solar system, exploring our galaxy and further galaxies to the edge of the universe. Through their adventures readers discover the solar system and gain a basic understanding of what our amazing universe is all about.

Each character is derived from one of the eight planets, has unique characteristics and powers that represent the complicated fabric of each planet. As the storyline progresses, we introduce additional characters representing other parts of the solar system such as supernovas, galaxies, black holes & many more interesting fun facts that make up our universe.

The series is written for children seven years and over.

What’s the story about?

What’s the story about?

In order to save the solar system from mass destruction, the Astarons are united together to overcome every day struggles in outer space. As the story progresses, readers are introduced to additional characters and information such as dwarf planets, asteroids, supernovas, galaxies, black holes and many more interesting facts about astrophysics at a basic level. Our two astrophysicists from The University of Auckland answer frequently asked questions that gives further scientific and entertaining information about every topic discussed throughout the series. It's a great way to ensure our readers gain all the knowledge they require to further their understanding and interest.



“My grandson usually reads books back to front, upside down or generally not at all. He has mild ASD and is largely non-verbal. He received volume one as a gift and the minute he opened the book he changed from being an extremely quiet and shy soul to a squealing, talkative toddler. He cannot put this book down. The illustrations are out of this world, always capture his attention and within a few days he was naming colours, shapes, and trying to say character names. This is a significant step forward for him. It's really tough to find books that strike that balance between education, imagination and relevance but I feel this one's a winner and we can't wait to unwrap the next edition.”

- Toni, Auckland, New Zealand.

“When the book got delivered we were blown away by the quality of illustration and the standard of publishing. Upon opening the book, my younger cousin, immediately began to identify everything familiar, at first planets and then picking up on some of the words. A few moments later he closed the book and informed me he was going to take this book to school to show his science teacher. Ramond introduced the book to his teacher and fellow classmates as his new favourite book. According to his parents, he absolutely loves the characters and boasts about his found new knowledge to anyone who'll listen. I'm now delivering volume two directly to the school. Not only has Astarons become his favourite book, I've become his favourite uncle!”

- John, New York, USA

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Behind the story

Gilda Kirkpatrick


2016 has been a busy year for the Iranian born mother of two. Gilda has starred in The Real Housewives of Auckland along with self-publishing the second volume of the Astarons series. The successful global reality series gave Kirkpatrick the perfect platform to talk to the world about her vision for Astarons. She also works as a Creative Director for leading digital agency Us&Co based in Britomart. Gilda moved to New Zealand from Iran in 1990 and holds a Bachelor of Architecture. Her favourite planet is Earth, favourite star is Alpha Centuri and favourite Astaron is Artha.

Dr. J.J. Eldridge

The university of Auckland


JJ uses computers to create models of stars to predict what they look like over their lives from their birth to their very old age. These models are then compared to stars in our own galaxy, stars we see dying in supernovae and stars in distant galaxies at the edge of the observable Universe. His favourite planet is Jupiter, favourite star is Gamma-Velorum and favourite Astaron is Nessa.

Dr. Nicholas Rattenbury

The university of Auckland


Nick searches for evidence of exoplanets, alien worlds, in large sets of data. He writes computer code to analyse data taken by telescopes around the world, including in New Zealand, and works with other scientists here and abroad to discover planets. He became fascinated by astronomy and physics when he was about ten years old, after his parents gave him a small telescope. His favourite planet is Venus, favourite star is R Coronae Borealis and his favourite Astaron is Ringz.

Myles Lawford


Myles career as a best-selling, award winning illustrator began mid 1990. His early digital work with major sporting associations lead to illustrating many children’s books. Myles is an avid reader of comic books and graphic novels with a keen interest in conceptual/character design within the gaming and movie industries. His favourite planet is Saturn, favourite star is Betelgeuse and favourite Astaron is Mercs.

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